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What is printingOffice?

It is a software application designed for printing companies to quickly and confidently produce Quotations, Orders, Job Cards, Invoices, Delivery Notes and production control data in minutes. printingOffice is used for the creation of printing calculations, production management, managing the agenda of business cases, facturation and the evaluation of the production of individual orders. It enables to trace an order from the moment of its obtainment through technological processing, production to its delivery. Another feature not to be understimated is the evaluation of the utilization of machines and individual employees.

What can printingOffice do?

• Calculates prices for all kinds of printing products.

• Solves problems associated with complicated calculations of printing costs in seconds. Run‐on costs up to 500 quantity levels can be generated in an instant.

• Allows input data for quotation calculations to be easily adjustable. Last minute changes are speedily incorporated with ease giving you that competitive edge to win more business through being more responsive to your customers‘ and prospects‘ pricing needs.

• Monitors print job throughout the entire production process. Initial enquiries can be recorded before being effortlessly processed into Quotations that can be emailed from within the program to potential customers in minutes. Quotations are stored for follow‐up and successful ones are just as easily processed into Production Orders and these into finished print jobs ready for delivery and invoicing.

• From the utilization of machinery and employees to stock control to job planning to receipt of payment, each step of the print production process can be managed, monitored and evaluated from within printingOffice. Alarms can even be set to remind you of that important platemaking, printing or paper order deadline! Of course, if you prefer to set them to remind you of that hot date...well, you can do that too.

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A thorough understanding of customers and their needs is top priority for any business sector. However, the customer care in many polygraphic operations is far from perfect because of the scattered information. It's very hard to keep track of all the informations about clients and their bussines activities. And this is mostly the reason why we are not often able to take an full advantage of all business opportunities that we get. To make these opportunities more visible and easier to discover, printingOffice offers you several functions that will greatly assist you in finding them. All of your customers, contacts, tasks and opportunities are together at one place and you can assign them to various groups, exactly according to your needs. Thanks to these functions you will know everything that you need to know about your customers and suppliers and further use these informations to increase prosperity of your company.

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Nowadays, it is realy hard to run a company without the right software system and proper costing calculations. Often we need to set the optimal price of a product or service, by which we want to achieve our planned sales and profits, or eventually raise the market share of our company. At some other time, we need to decide, when it is still cost-effective and worthwhile for us to take an order, or provide our services and products. printingOffice's calculation features will perfectly serve you for these kinds of decisions. After filling in the input data, which are adjusted exactly for your company, our software calculates the final price of the order within a few seconds. All calculations are fully modifiable and the user can easily edit and adjust them according to his very personal needs. After the calculation process is done, you can view and analyze them in several information graphs. This will help you to make a right decision, which could otherwise be realy hard to take, if you wouldn't have had the proper information, that you will get by working with our software.

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Production process belongs among the complicated processes, where a great number of factors and actions are coming together. They can, but also do not have to end up according to our ideas and plans. Errors in the production process occur most often due to lack of information and disorganization. printingOffice is trying to eliminate these errors as much as possible in the production part of the software. Here you will find everything that you need to successfully manage the production process without major complications. It is linked to calculations, document evidence, consumption of materials and to all other important parts of the production since the beginning of this process. Furthemore, you can closely track the progress of the work order up to its completition. Thanks to printingOffice, this process becomes much more easy and clear, for both managers as well as for employees working in production.

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Controlling is an essential part of management, during wich we are finding out if our plans and vision actualy identify with reality. However, for doing this process thoroughly and precisely we need accurate and easy to read informations. This knowledge is going to guide us to make the right conclusions and judgements that will further help our company to grow. The control part of printingOffice will help us to form a general view on the individual parts of the whole operation of processing the order, since its acceptance, through production, all the way to its shipment to your customers. This part of the software provides you with several number of useful charts and graphs, in which you can view reports for individual workers or work machines, the overal status of all your orders and many other useful informations. These data will significantly help you to determine the further direction of actions and improvements, that you will take within the company. But also its outside functioning and providing better services to your customers.

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